GOOD RIDDANCE from the beginning… 1986 Russ-vocals, Rob Land-guitar ,John Burnett-bass, Rich McDermott-drums
Leise ist woanders! Wer die Good Witch of the South in den letzten zwei Jahren live erlebt hat, wird sich unschwer an sie erinnern können. In Sachen Bühnenpräsenz ein Glücksfall.
From the ashes of chaos rises Gorath… Set ablaze by F. Dupont as a one man project from 1995 apart from other main underground chapters already closed.
In the height of the late 1980's, the thrash and death metal underground, was headed towards a new and exciting change, when a Philadelphia based extreme, darkened, death metal entity named Goreaphobi
The leaders of Holland´s death metal scene, Gorefest built a substantial underground following over the course of the ´90s with a powerful, groove-based sound that often paralleled similar innovations
Gorelem is a german, heavy rock, power trio. Their primary influences include the musical genres of stoner/sludge and heavy rock and roll.
GORESOERD blasted off as an idea for a project after some collaboration between Stig and Kari of Symbolic State in late 2004.
Goretrade started out in the year 2000 as a project of Internal Suffering´s main man Andres Garcia.
Gorezone play brutal Death Metal – roughly the american style.
1992 Guitarist Infernus forms Gorgoroth together with drummer Goat Pervertor and vocalist Hat. 1993
The undisputed kings of melodic tech death !*
The band was formed in 1991, a three member line-up with Joe, drumz, the only 1 still on the run.
Gospel of the Horns formed in Brisbane, Australia, in 93 and in late 94 they released their cult demo The Satanist's Dream on Einstand Records from Italy.
Gotham O.D is a heavy rock band that respects strongly traditions and convinces listeners with their organic and dynamic sound.
Gothminister is a character who started performing one man performance showsin Oslo 1999. But the idéa was born a decade earlier. His creator, Bjørn Alexander Brem,
An ever-present past. A new future. Old magic and new mystery. Gov´t Mule hardly had a choice. The new album all but named itself: DÉJÀ VOODOO.