"Once in a blood red moon, a band comes along that defies the law... Glorior Belli came out from the dark in December 2002 with Antares & Infestvvs.
GLORYFUL was founded in Summer 2010 by Johnny la Bomba and Shredmaster JB to face true Heavy Metal Music.
Gluecifer is one of the most important things to come out of Norwegian rock and also one of the main reasons not to bow your head in endless shame when you say that your are Norwegian.
GNOSIS OF THE WITCH haben sich 2013 in den USA gegründet.
Since leaving his own band ATHEIST in 1992 (after nine years and two albums), technical metal drummer Steve Flynn has remained noticeably absent from the music scene.
The Band Was Formed In Early Summer Of 2009, But Had Been The Project Of Niklas And Chritus For Several Years. Originally WEEKEND BEAST, The Band Changed Name To GOATESS August 2012.
We have sworn the oath of the goat!
God Among Insects - exactly what it sounds like. This All-Star, old-school death metal band formed in early 2004, for the sole reason of dominating the scene.
There´s no denying that metal is a predominantly European and Caucasian form of music.
God is an Astronaut are a 5 piece band who hail from Glen of the Downs, Ireland.
Gaahl and King have chosen the new banner of God Seed to represent their art in the future.
God´s second son has been sent to earth summer 2006 to spread the Third Testament all over every place.
Es geschah an einem schicksalhaften Sommertag des Jahres 1994 (oder 1995?) auf einem Deep Purple Konzert in der Kasseler Eissporthalle.
Master Blaster - Drums Grev Drake - Guitar/Vocals Count August - Bass/Vocals Lord Arydon - Guitar/Vocals Lilith, Delilah & Medusa - Female Effects