1991 - Gigantor is born.
The year is 1999 A.D. ... The electro-industrial three-piece Lineup...
The band was originally formed at school by guitarist McAuliffe and bassist Di ‘Enid’ Williams under the name Painted Lady, but changed their name to Girlschool when Johnson and Dufort joined.
Give Up The Ghost started off with their scope aimed directly at what they wanted. Their only crime was hitting the mark with one bullet. They became a band that you had to take note of.
Gavin, übergewichtiger englischer Ex-Metzger mit dem gewissen Etwas, Kylie, die großbusige und schrille Australierin und zu guter Letzt Martin, die transylvanische Psycho-Skandalnudel bilden das House
North Carolina was once a state just like any other. Ordinary, humble and average.
Glass Hammer officially began in 1992 when longtime friends Steve Babb and Fred Schendel began writing and recording the Tolkienesque concept album "Journey of the Dunadan".
In summer 2008 Rocko (ex Perth Express), Benni (the 244GL) and Marc (Trainwreck) started rehearsing. Later, Sam (ex The F.A.) joined the band.
Glittertind was founded early autumn 2001 by Torbjørn Sandvik(b-85).
GLORIA MORTI starteten ihre Reise 1999 in Heinola, Finland mit dem Ziel Spaß zu haben und Thrash Metal zu spielen. Schnell wurde damit begonnen Songs zu schreiben und alles ernsthafter anzugehen.