This band, GENERAL CHAOS, is a new beginning for some skilled metal side kicks. Reinventing the steel, baby! They carry the fundamentals of metal deep inside themselves.
"Since their formation, GENERAL LEE had set out to create a tense musical climate; mixing heavy metallic riffing with melancholic icy oppressive atmospheres over cathartic hardcore screaming.
General Surgery was formed in late 1988 by:Matti Kärki: drums, vocalsJonas Derouche: guitarGrant McWilliams: bassRichard Cabeza: lead vocals
Wenn man jetzt zurückrechnet zum Sommer 1995, kommt man auf fast neun Jahre.
Generous Maria first saw life in 1998 in Gothenburg - Sweden and right from the get go they delivered some seriously infectious grooves and melodic hooks.
Genghis Tron is three people -- Mookie Singerman (vocals/keyboards), Michael Sochynsky (keyboards/drum programming) and Hamilton Jordan (guitars/drum programming).
Gentrification wurde Ende 2008 in Berlin gegründet. Die Besetzung bestand damals lediglich aus Gitarrist Jens Bargmann und Schlagzeuger Michael Gückel.
Born 24 Feb. 1950, Wilmington, Delaware, USA. White blues guitarist George Thorogood first became interested in music, notably Chicago blues, when he saw John Paul Hammond performing in 1970.
In 1997 , Seb and Chris (ex DISGUST bassist) decided to create GERBE OF LIFE.Taking influences from and mixing several extreme musical waves such as Grind, Crust, Death, Black and Indus.
Word on the street is that if Dave Mustaine and Marc Bolan had a son, (not considering biological issues etc..LOL) it would be Aleks, s...inger/guitarist (lead) of GERILJA.
Ein klagendes Raunen zieht durch den thüringer Wald
Tucker, Brian, Todd, Derrick & LarsPunk/Hardcore/Metal/New Wave
est. 2010 4 city sXe
There’s something brooding in the depths. Stirring in itself, primal, overwhelming. It drags you down, wears you out and spits you back to the surface...
If you´re one of those people who need a label before you can give a band a chance, Finland´s GHOST BRIGADE might not be the right band for you.
Having kicked, screamed and fought their way out of Brighton, England in early 2007 with awe-inspiring debut full-length This Is Where The Fight Begins, THE GHOST OF A THOUSAND have rapidly become one
Ghostmaker, eine Band gegründet im Berlin des Oktobers 2015.