GRAVE DIGGER sind: Chris Boltendahl - Vocals Manni Schmidt - Guitars Stefan Arnold - Drums Jens Becker - Bass
Predetermined in the mind of The Reanimator at The Void, Grave Robber was unleashed upon an unsuspecting, pre-apocalyptic Earth, A.D. 2005.
Death Metal Purity Biography
1995 Gründung der Band „TOTENREICH“ , durch Vargsang 1998 - Veröffentlichung des ersten Demos „Requiem Aeternam“- Vronth (Schlagzeug) wird festes Mitglied
In den Iden des März 2009 gründeten sich GRAVETY um gemeinsam die Musik zu machen, die sie am liebsten mögen: Heavy fucking Metal!
Black Metal aus Italien? Ja, das soll’s geben.
July 2007 - Julkarn and Bastard started fooling around with the whole GRAVEYARD thing a long time ago.
In a nutshell - Formed way back in 1994 ish. Recorded 3 track demo in '95. Signed to 'Ars Metalli' 96/97 ish. Broke up. Reformed years later. Released 3 track E.P - "Shadows of old Ghosts".
GREEDs häßliches Dasein wurde 1994 von Bassist Holger (Bad Mood Machine) beschlossen.
As with its namesake blossom´s first appearance, peering from beneath the permafrost of Norway´s winter, each successive Green Carnation album is a welcome sight in the dreary sameness of today´s meta
Vocalist, musician and producer, Greg Lake is one of the most prominent and popular musicians in the world and has often been described as having the voice of a generation.
Until recently, Russian band Grenouer who hail from St. Petersburg, have remained largely unknown outside their native Russia despite having 5 albums under their belt.
There is perhaps no other city in Germany that breathes the air of the great, wide world this way the port city Hamburg does. Maybe GREY internalized their native cities spirit of width and urbane.