GODFLESH has been causing chaos since 1988. they began with an idea and a common distaste for the mainstream.
Gegründet 1992 von Erik und Matte Anderson (keine Brüder!) waren Godgory anfangs nur darauf aus, eine gute Zeit zu haben und Coverversionen von befreundeten Bands wie zu spielen.
Jason C. Miller - vocals, guitars Mike Miller - lead guitar, backing vocals Method - programming, bass guitar James O´Conner - drums
Five pissed off dudes in a room full of overheated tube amps and a shitload of beer.
"Gods of Emptiness" sind eine Grind/Death-Band aus Passau in Südostdeutschland.
The Boston-based alternative metal group Godsmack originally comprised vocalist Sully Erna (a devout Wiccan), guitarist Tony Rambola, bassist Robbie Merrill and drummer Tommy Stewart.
Goethes Erben werden 1989 von Oswald Henke und Peter Seipt gegründet. Die Grundidee war es, deutsche gesprochene Worte in den Mittelpunkt eines Musiktheaters zu stellen.
It�s always been hard to put a tag on GOJIRA, one of the most extreme bands that the French metalstage has ever known, has never been in need of this sort of artefact anyway.
Chapter I: Early Obscurity
Golem was founded in July 1989 by Max Grützmacher (bass), Michael Marschalk (drums) and Andreas Hilbert (guitars and vocals) at an age of 14 and 15 years respectively.
The group was formed on April 1999, after the meeting between Ottavio Marzo and Luca Roberti, two guitarists coming from a hard rock band, with Damiano Porcelli and Alex Martiradonna, respectively ex
Empezó siendo un proyecto de Vicente J.
Das aktuelle Line up besteht aus : Jan Hempel (Git.Voc.) Robert Friedel (Git.) Florian Schairer (Drum) Renè Möller (Bass)
Gomorrha wurde 1986 gegründet. 1987 erschien unser 1. Demo Tape - Thrashing Madness. Es folgten erste Live Auftritte.
Early in their career, Buffalo natives the Goo Goo Dolls were frequently dismissed by critics as mere imitators of the Replacements; however, the band refined and mainstreamed their sound enough to be
Man braucht nur einmal in die Songs ihres neuen Albums "The Young And The Hopeless" hinein zu hören, und die Message ist vollkommen klar: Good Charlotte haben sich rasant entwickelt.
What does the future hold for Good Clean Fun? We are finishing a new record right now...thanks to everyone who came down to do back up vocals!!!