Grim Van Doom, founded during 2011's winter, manage to step into the tiny spot between common Doom and dirty Sludge, creating a musical monster in the process.
Grime began its miserable existence in Trieste, Italy during the summer of 2010, when four musicians, addicted to heavy and filthy sounds, banded together to create something dark and terrible.
Combine pure fucking old school heavy metal, brutal Death/Black vocals, and enough groove, blastbeats, and power to crush a ten ton brickwall, and you get GRIMFIST.
GRIMNESS 69 was born in the 2001 with the name of Grimness from the ashes of VALLIUM, an old hardcore-grind band.Nuclear Ripped Pig and Tetsuo Hirashi Mitakawa founded the band in
2011 - À la lumière des cendres 2014 - L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs
Grindnecks was formed in the end of 2003 by guitarrist Mikael Eriksson and bassplayer Mattias Nilsson. A couple of songs were made and the hunt for a line-up began.
Es gibt bewährte Tugenden, die in einer Welt voller Ungeduld und hektischer Betriebsamkeit zu Unrecht in den Hintergrund getreten sind.
Isar - All instruments, but various session musicians are used. Runes, ice and death.
In late 2009, an 18-year old Riff Wizard uploaded some tracks to the internet that caught the attention of a number of independent labels.
Ground Of Ruin are a five piece metal band from Ireland. We formed in November of 2003 and since then have been working tirelessly to achieve the sound we wish to represent the band.
Slow, melancholic and powerful music based around the power of the earth and the forces of nature.
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is an underground death/grind band from Spain who are the ultimate fusion of early 90's old-school Swedish death metal(Carnage, Dismember) and the splatter/gore sound and feel of