Give Up The Ghost

BiografieGive Up The Ghost started off with their scope aimed directly at what they wanted. Their only crime was hitting the mark with one bullet. They became a band that you had to take note of. Their fans were noticeably their fans. From the first note of their demo a fresh take on hardcore and people were being showcased and people latched on in record time. Soon enough the tables turned and the same arms that were pushing through the sleeves of their shirts, the same pens that were thinking of new ways to describe their energy, the same fingers that were forming bar chords to recreate their sound were now shooting back at them.

What the former fans turned critics ignore is what truly defines Give Up The Ghost. Hardcore and Punk might be their format and roots but their approach has been anything but typical. Singer Wes Eisold´s lyrics are marked with wit, sarcasm and brutal honesty. Most importantly they aren´t just slogans phonetically placed over power chords, they are an ardent take on the day to day, without anything obscured and leaving nothing to protect the author. This is the theme that permeates their sound, their imagery and attitude.

The band itself was founded by longtime friends Singer Wes Eisold and former Ten Yard Fight guitarist Tim Cossar. They did what was familiar and natural, they started a hardcore band because they are hardcore kids. They took the momentum of a new band, with a new aesthetic and approach and ran as fast as they could without turning down a tour, a show, or any opportunity to etch their song on tape. The name was changed from American Nightmare to Give Up The Ghost, after the original AN a band out of Philadelphia, objected to the use of the name and trademark. The end result was a dozen interim names, a continuation of touring, recording and being without an identity for over one year. Throughout this period they kept up their unrelenting tour schedule without thinking it was a noble act, they just did it. Along the way they´ve shared the stage with diverse acts such as Blood Brothers, Avail, Glassjaw, Poison The Well and label mates Converge and The Hope Conspiracy. They also solidified their line up with Alex Garcia Rivera becoming their permanent drummer along side long time bassist Josh Holden and second guitarist Brian Masek. Give Up the Ghost has become the new identity of American Nightmare but it´s more than just a new title to their noise, it´s everything. The new moniker is as stark and telling as any other move the band has made. It´s throwing away what haunts you and moving forward. It´s following the natural evolution of a band while continuing to push what they are visually and sonically.

We´re Down Till We´re Underground, recorded at the Outpost and produced by Jim Seigel, is the beginning and end of Give Up The Ghost. They´ve removed their blank nametags from their chests and are ready to continue with a new album and new vigor. All the defining attributes are still there but they are underlined and personified. Rather than trying to fire off in a new direction they´ve opted for coloring in the framework that defines their sound with dynamics. The structures are varied and askew, the heaviness is achieved with intricate layering and texture not just volume. It´s an example of a band functioning on all cylinders. Their path changed as they peaked and with good reason. If they just cruised along the engines would be idle and the end result would be a product not a record.
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The Sun Isn´t Getting Any Brighter 7"/MCD
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We’re Down Til We’re Underground  - Cover
Dies ist der Abgesang auf eine großartige Band - GIVE UP THE GHOST haben sich vor Kurzem aufgelöst. Keinen Bock mehr, kaputte Gesundheit, deshalb aus und vorbei.