Gegründet im Sommer 1996 ist B.G.T. seit nun mehr als 8 Jahren ein festesUrgestein der Metal Szene in Neumünster und Umgebung.
We are Baalmoral from Lüneburg (Niedersachsen, Germany).If you need a genre to put us in: Choose DARK METAL. Cause we play metal of the darkest kind.
October 1989
In the spring of '94 four friends are talking about their mutual interest: Hardcore Music. They decide it's time to start their own band, playing music they love.
DPN USA. Bridge Nine Records. New York Style.
Backwash haben sich seit 2000 voll und ganz dem Rock´n´Roll verschrieben, genauer gesagt dem Kick-Ass Rock´n´Roll!
ED ANDERSON, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, percussion MATT ANDERSON, bass, vocals, percussion TIM KRAMP, drums, percussion, vocals
American born guitarist/song writer, Hal Marabel formed this Swedish band back in 1986 together with former band member Doc Pat Shannon.
Bad Machine (Finland / Europe)..Is a four piece ultimate punkrock heatseeker formed on 1999. Music reminds a little bit bands like Electric Frankenstein, Zeke and Motörhead.
B.O.A. teamed up in 2004, when the leaders of former bands met to join forces.
Bahrrecht, which stands for “the ordeal of the coffin”, an ancient violent Germanic tradition and corresponds to the brutality of their music, was founded in 2001 by Winterhalter and Fëano
BAI BANG - one of the most powerful rock acts from Sweden - features five talented and dynamic rockers: Diddi Kastenholt - Vocals, Pelle Eliaz - Leadguitar, Joacim Sandin - Bass, Jonas Langebro - Drum