Backwood Spirit was founded in Örebro, Sweden, by guitarist and songwriter Kent Engström. After writing and doing demo recordings of songs with different musicians, Engström teamed up with long time music companion and drummer Joje Lindskoog (Crossroad Jam, Waving Corn) to put a band together. In late 2015 the two joined forces with vocalist Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) to start the recording of an album. Tobias Åslund was brought in for the organ and keyboard-work in the studio, along with Niclas Boson on bass. Later on Boson became a member of the band, but is now replaced by Mats Berglund. The line-up was completed with Peter Emilson, also with a past in Crossroad Jam, on keyboard.

When drummer Joje decided to leave the band in 2018, he was replaced by Binge (November, Mårran) for a period of time. Now in 2020 Joje is back behind the drums and together with the rest of the gang highly involved in the recording of the bands second album.

In the style of classic rock and bluesy hard rock, the music of Backwood Spirit is reflecting the musical roots of the members.


2017 - Backwood Spirit

2021 - Fresh From The Can