In times where it seems disillusioned metal fans and bands alike are revisiting the magic of the early 80's, it is so important to show those who missed it and those who are apart of it what went on.
Some years ago in the city of Blumenau - SC - Brazil, the guitar player Alessandro Kotlinsky and the bass player Marcos R.
Back in 1999, when Tuomas Saukkonen felt the need to break his routines as a drummer of a local band, his new metal project called BEFORE THE DAWN was born.
Five boys from Houston Texas who attest that they are a ministry first and a band second, Before There Was Rosalyn is the kind of band that strives to become more than just the sum of their parts.
1991-1994 David Bugeja, Chris Brincat and Marcel Scalpello teamed up to form the first Death Metal band in
BEHEMOTH have always pushed the limits of their abilities and defied the boundaries of death and black metal.
BEHEXEN was born under a black banner in 1994 when Torog (vocals), Horns (drums) and Reaper (guitars) joined forces. Black Metal has been the keyword since inception.
US-based metalcoreband.
Coming from Brittany (western France), BELENOS was formed as one-man-band by Loïc Cellier in 1995. BELENOS is the Celtic/Gallic god of the sun.
Believer has gained worldwide recognition for their boundary-breaking, artistic form of extreme metal.
BELLGRAVE erblicken im Januar 1995 das Licht der Welt durch die beiden Gitarristen Ulf und Rohle, die in einer umgebauten Garage mit Tönen rumwerkeln (Ulf übernimmt zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch den Gesan
The progressive-deathmetal band BELTANE from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany exists since 2005.