Gründung und Vorgeschichte:
Melodic, dark, progressive music.
Beardfish were formed in 2000 by guitarist David Zackrisson and singer, guitarist, keyboardist Rikard Sjöblom. The group includes bassist Robert Hansen and drummer Magnus Östgren.
"Elements of a gloomier Joy Division, an angrier Echo & The Bunnymen, a medicated Killing Joke and even a lush layering of Peter Murphy"
Formed in the summer of ‘99 Becoming The Archetype is an experienced band with a uniquely mature sound and uncompromising passion for their beliefs. Their name says it all.
Bedemon was an offshoot of very early Pentagram (circa 1973).
In times where it seems disillusioned metal fans and bands alike are revisiting the magic of the early 80's, it is so important to show those who missed it and those who are apart of it what went on.