Gegründet wurde "Beneath Flowers" irgendwann im Sommer 2003 um die Zeit des "Summer-Breeze Festival" herum.
Following in the footsteps of such legendary bands as Warrior, Rough Cutt and Psychotic Waltz, BENEDICTUM are San Diego, California´s latest and mightiest ambassadors to the world of heavy metal.
Version Française :
BESATT has been formed in 1991 as initiative of Beldaroh-bass and Weronis-guitar to spread satanic ideas by the music.
BESEECH sind nicht die gewöhnliche, oder typische Metal-Band.
In the year of 1995 two mentally disturbed persons, Master Motorsåg and Warslaughter, got to know eachother and eventually they understood that something had to be done to unleash their mental illness
Bestianera nasce nel Settembre 2003 dall´incontro tra Stefano Dell´Omarino, Luca Cesari e Luca Alvisi, tre musicisti residenti in provincia di Arezzo, con lunghe e significative esperienze alle
For some time, the bass player and Argentinean songwriter Beto Vázquez (leader and founder of the extinct band Nepal), continued enlarging his musical horizons, always accumulating new ideas, and with
Seit der Bandneugründung im Jahr 2011 tourten BetonEngel in den vergangenen Jahren durch ganz Norddeutschland und erspielten sich mit ihrem rücksichtslosen Dampframmen-Metal eine beachtliche Fanbase.
The men of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME have once again charted an expedition into undiscovered country.
After releasing two independent EPs and following the signing of a record deal for their self-produced debut album with Roadrunner Records, Betzefer established their status as Israel's biggest and mo