by Gast
BiografieBahrrecht, which stands for “the ordeal of the coffin”, an ancient violent Germanic tradition and corresponds to the brutality of their music, was founded in 2001 by Winterhalter and Fëanor (drums and guitar) in a small French village of the 3 borders region. Just after the
release of the first demo the band has been frozen for a couple of years for the benefit of other projects and brought back to life again in 2008. Being fanatics of brutal black metal of 90-95, Bahrrecht’s ambition is to create a sound which would be brutal and epic, without
concessions, in fact, more in harmony with their own vision of black metal. And so, supported by a solid line-up consisting of Fëanor, Winterhalter (ex-Peste Noire, ex-Amesoeurs, Alcest, les Discrets), Thulsa Doom (Sors Immanis) and Sargatanas (Sors Immanis, Funeral Holocaust) that joined on vocals and bass; Bahrrecht, reborn from its cinders, decided not to release anything until being completely satisfied by their compositions, this happened in 2011 with their bestial debut album “Nuit de neige”, a first class black metal masterpiece.Quelle: http://www.ketzer-records.deDiscografie2005 - Black Metal Way Of Life (Demo)

2010 - Lotharingen (Demo)

2011 - Nui De Neige


Nuit De Neige - Cover
Momentan hat die französische Black Metal-Szene wirklich Einiges zu bieten; Bands wie BLUT AUS NORD, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, GLORIOR BELLI oder die im Underground sehr beliebten PESTE NOIR (deren Ex-Mitglie