BiografieOctober 1989
Max "Demian" Giunta and Lory Vio found their first musical project named Silence Gate. Max writes songs and sings playing keyboards and guitars, Lory deals with the programming of synths and computer. Their musical formula is simple and working: catchy vocal melodies on electronic sounds. "Indelible Sin" is their first track ever.

February 1991

Nino Riolo joins Silence Gate as second synth-player. The band name changes in Mail Art.

October 1991

First Mail Art concert at The Cave in Segrate, Milan. On stage there are an Atari 1040 ST computer, a Yamaha DX 7, a Roland JX 3P, a Kawai .. and a sampler Emax II.

1990 > 1993

Production of 3 mini albums (Intermediary, Details, and B612) which will be given away to all the people attenting to Mail Art´s concerts in North Italy. Thanks to this initiative, the band can rely on a very true fanbase in whole nation continually updated on all band´s activities. A little curiosity : somehow Mail Art´s music arrives even in Japan where a boy sends to Max´s address 20 dollars in order to buy a CD featuring the best band´s tracks !

December 1993

Live performance at the first Erik´s Depeche Mode Party at Galaxy in Rho, Milano.

January 1994

Inclusion into the compilation "Death Is Everywhere - "A Tribute To Depeche Mode From Italy" (label Wonderecords) with 3 tracks. During the year Nino leaves the band. Even if the band´s activity goes on, Lory and Max work as dance producers at the Roberto Turatti´s NTM studios. They release a lot of records under different project names like Maryland, Matisse, Blume and many others.

March 1995

Max meets Roby "Rob Rox" Rosa. A long and deep friendship is born.

May 1995

Mail Art´s track "Urgency Of You" is included into the compilation "Culture Sintetiche" featuring Italian electronic music.

Spring 1996

Along with Morris Capaldi and dj Roberto Delledonne, Max is involved in the project Wakan released by Joe T. Vannelli´s label DBX (which has just released the smash hit "Children" by Robert Miles) achieving a good success in Italy and abroad as well thanks to the track "Path Of Vision". Max and Morris strike again with the singer Sefe and the song "Paradise" which becomes a great success in South America.

1996 > 1997

Mail Art name changes in HD and English language is replaced by the Italian. The last Mail Art´s effort will be "Traxx", a sort of greatest hits featuring their 16 most representative songs.

April 1997

First HD´s live performance at the Depeche Mode Ultra Party where, in addition to the new repertoire, Max e Lory play a bizarre drum´n´bass version of Depeche Mode´s "World Full Of Nothing". During the event, all available copies of "Traxx" go sold-out.

1998 > 2000

Max works on his new project named Nerovivo, a techno-pop band singing in Italian which strikes the eyes of the CX Music label´s A&R director Charlie Marchino. The first Nerovivo´s single "Gomma", expected to be released by BMG Ricordi, will never see the light due to the mysterious disappearance of one of the band´s members.

Summer 2002

Max, Lory e Rob found BABYLONIA. Once again, the formula is the same : pop melodies combined to electronic sounds in order to create atmosphere and rhythm.

October 2003

The first single "Without Asking Me" is released by People Music/EMI Capitol. The track features Jim Constantine as special vocalist. Babylonia play several concerts in Italy.

January 2004

The band produce the track "To Die 4" for the short-movie "Lui & Lei" produced by the young Italian director Emiliano Suardi and starring Lucilla (famous hostess of the Italian TV channel All Music) as female protagonist. Livio Boccioni plays guitars on the track.

April 2004

BABYLONIA give away the special promo CD single "Stars In My Eyes" to the people present at the 19" Depeche Mode Party at Rainbow Club in Milan. The band also open the Melotron´s concert as supporter act. During the month, the band attend at the premiere of the short movie "Lui & Lei" at Roxy Bar in Parma and launch their own official website

May 2004

The promo clip of "To Die 4" is ready. "Stars In My Eyes" is given away at "The Great Depeche Mode Party" at Circolo Degli Artisti in Rome.

Summer 2004

BABYLONIA work on new material.

April 2005

Live showcase to present the first BABYLONIA album "Later Tonight" at Rolling Stone at Milan as supporting band of CLIENTs concert.Quelle: Epic (Single, 2005)

Later Tonight (CD, 2006) www