Bad Habit

BiografieAmerican born guitarist/song writer, Hal Marabel formed this Swedish band back in 1986 together with former band member Doc Pat Shannon. The idea was to create music that mixed hard rock with melodic tendencies from both of their past musical backgrounds.

Influences were bands like Journey, Toto, Van Halen and Boston but also other music genres such as Blues and Classical.

The next musician to become part of the band was Patrik Södergren (then called Stevie Rose) followed by Bax Fehling and the original drummer Jan Andersson. Jan was replaced by Jaime Salazar shortly after the release of the debut mini-album "Young & Innocent" in 1987. The album was released on CBS (now SONY).

In 1989, the band released the eclaimed debut album "After Hours" which made waves in the AOR community. The album was released on Virgin.

The band has not played "live" extensively but did gig a lot during 1987-1990. In 1989, the band toured the former Soviet Union extensively. The tour was a major success in all possible ways and led to many new experiences for the band members.

In 1989, Bad Habit released a cover version of the old Boston classic "More Than A Feeling".

To date, BAD HABIT have released 5 CDs, 4 singles (with videos) and a mini-album. The last CD released (before the new CD) was the "Adult Orientation" in 1998.
Quelle: - Young & Innocent (EP)

1989 - After Hours

1995 - Revolution

1998 - Adult Orientation

2000 - 13 Years Of Bad Habits

2005 - Hear-Say

2009 - Above And Beyond


Above And Beyond - Cover
Gerade eben komme ich von Obi, wo es das Fünferpack Spachtel für 2,99 Euro im Sonderangebot gab. Wozu ich die alle brauche, wollt Ihr wissen?!
Atmosphere - Cover
Nach über zwei Dekaden Bandgeschichte steht im Hause BAD HABIT nun das zehnte Album an.
Timeless - Cover
An BAD HABIT ist zunächstmal mal (leider) gar nichts „bad“ weder äußerlich noch musikalisch, denn diese smarten Mitvierziger gebürtig aus Schweden machen in typischem Ami-Wohlfühl-AOR.