Bad Machine

BiografieBad Machine (Finland / Europe)

..Is a four piece ultimate punkrock heatseeker formed on 1999. Music reminds a little bit bands like Electric Frankenstein, Zeke and Motörhead.

Bad Machine has toured in Europe and also U.S/ West-coast. They have shared stage with bands like Puffball, ZEKE, Silver, Rickshaw, Smut Peddlers, Nads, Ny-Rel X, Maryslim, V8 Wankers and many, many more...

Their first album "Rip your heart"(cd/lp) came out by Deadbeat records (Usa) on 2002 and it will be soon out of print. Deadbeat have also released stuff from bands like Stiches, Puffball, Safety Pins, Smut Peddlers and many more. Bad Machine has also released split 7´ers with Rickshaw (SWE), V8Wankers (GER) and So Fucking What (GER). Second studio album "MOTÖRFREAKOUT" will be released on 11 nov 2005 by Punk´n´Drunk/ZYX Records.

Bad Machine will hit the road over and over again. There will be lot of tourin and new releases will be comin up in the future, so stay tuned....Quelle: Rip Your Heart

2005 Motörfreakout


Motörfreakout - Cover
Finnlands BAD MACHINE dürfte einigen Lesern schon bekannt sein, u.a. wegen ihrer Split mit V8 WANKERS.