I started off as a young dreamer back in the mid 70´s. I heard the likes of Deep Purple Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. I was really influenced by them.
Let me take you back to the beginning, how I started to develop my love for music.
VALI's first demo album "Forlatt" caused storms of enthusiasm with all those who were able to get their hands on one of the rare copies.
It was between November 1993 and March 1994 that Tixotropia project was born and developed in Naples.
Planet Earth in the year 2008 must look like a pretty strange, messed-up place to an outsider.
classic doom, hard rock, and heavy metal from the mystical climes of the shenandoah valley of virginia. founded in 2002 in lexington va.
VALKYRJA fomrierten sich 2004 und begannen sofort mit dem Schreiben ihres eigenen Songmaterials.