Das wahre Licht ist die Musik! Für die Folk- Metal Band „Vera Lux“ ist der Name deshalb Programm:
Veracrash specialize in raw bursts of sound and with melodies that tease with charm, then assault with a deafening onslaught of noise.
Für alle die VERDICT noch nicht kennen, noch ein wenig Bandhistorie:
The origin of VERMIS goes back into the year 2000 when Markus (g, d, v) and Marco (g, b, k) still had a side project besides their main band Obsidian Gate, which played some kind of orchestral influen
Very Wicked stellen sich vorEs fing mit "Anxiety" und "Disorder" an, die in einem Übungsraum am Reislinger Markt ihr
I cannot recall when the notion of a band was first conceived. It must have been an age ago...
Vesen was formed 1998-99 in Skogbygda, Norway, with the intent to pour out some ugly black thrash.
Vestiges formed in January of 2010 as a two-piece band.
Peddling raw, filthy Black Metal, Numinas’ brainchild VETUS OBSCURUM had a brief incarnation as a solo project before the formation of KROHM in 1997.