Vicious Circle is an unrelenting force...a steamroller of adrenaline. Since1989, these New Jersey based legends have been churning out brutality with
Vicious Rumors is an American heavy metal band founded in 1979 in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
A brief history...VICTIMS part I
Victor Smolski, the son of Professor Dmitry Smolski, one of the leaders of the Russian composers of the present time, was born on 01.02.1969 in Minsk (Belarus).
Autumn 1999. JJ Rockford (guitars) moves to Halmstad to study. He meet David Agnsviks (bass) and they decides to form a heavy metal band.
California´s Bay Area is whimpering for mercy as VILE bludgeon their way from stage to stage. No one opposes their ferocity and conviction.
Doom will never die, DOOMRAISER too! As one door closes, another opens. Valerio has decided to leave the band; he wants to concentrate more on his other projects.
VINDEX plays music based on rough power metal riffs and nimble twin-guitar neo-classical melodies.
Vintersorg entsteht 1994 in Schweden und nennt sich ursprünglich Vargatron (Wolfsthron). Nach unzähligen Line-Up-Wechseln beschließt Fronter und Gitarrist Andreas Hedlung a.k.a.