Formed in 2008 by guitarist Willem Verbuyst (ex-Powervice) Vanderbuyst are a power trio that just love to mix up 70s and 80s Hard Rock, Classic Rock and the early New Wave sound.
VANILLA REX was founded back in the late eighties.
The Vanmakt era started in the autumn of 2006 by M. Svensson and V. Dahlgren.
Vanna wastes no time in striking hard and striking fast with their debut EP, The Search Party Never Came.
Die Viking Metal Band Varg wurde zum Jahreswechsel 2004/2005 gegründet und durchlief einige Besetzungswechsel bis man Anfang 2007 mit dem heutigen Line Up stärker denn je eine Einheit bildet.
Vargnatt was founded in summer 2006 as one-man project of Evae. His intention is to create very intense and atmospheric soundscapes full of melancholia, sorrow and hope.
VARGSHEIM wurde 2005 von den Brüdern Kaelt (Git/Vocs) und Harvst (Bass/Vocs) und Blutwolf (Drums) gegründet.
D-beating hardcore from hell. Since 2017.
VAST is one man and one man only, Jon Crosby. Crosby grew up in Humboldt County, California, and at the age of 13, was profiled as a promising guitarist in Guitar Player Magazine.
The history begins at 1986 in Santiago of Chile, when lived the rise of thrash metal.
When one thinks of bands with multiple synthesizers and no guitars in its lineup, the usual black-clad new wave suspects probably spring to mind: DEPECHE MODE, KRAFTWERK, NEW ORDER, HUMAN LEAGUE, OMD.