2008 - Shrunken Head (EP) 2014 - Anticipation For Blood Level In Dark
At the dawn of the new millenium, four metalheads united to create the loudest music ever to hit the ears of this feeble race called mankind.
VORKREIST was born in 1999 from the unholy meeting of 5 unpure minds with the will to spread their hate towards humanity and dedication to the black war cult.
OX INTERIUM was formed in early 1997 by Peter Syryca (drums) and Peter Nowak (guitars,vocals). After a few months Mark (guitar) and Ralf (bass) joined the band.
Gegründet wurde die Band Vrankenvorde bereits in der Julzeit 1994. Erste musikalische Gehversuche dienten allerdings nur als Jux + Zeitvertreib.
After the tragic death of Valfar, the rest of the Windir members decided to end Windir, and put their music into other projects.
The foundations of the ´Vuist-horde´ go back to may 2000 when it was founded by Rik (Dark Remains), Edo and Rob.
To mount the biography of this band is an honor, therefore in the ones backwards the memory a difficult time where our country passed for one strong transistion social, economic and musical politics,
Founded / Location:2004 / GermanyStyle Of Music:Nihilistic Black MetalLine-Up:Nihilaz - abuse of vocal chords, drums, guitars, bass