Welcome back to the 80s!
Virgin Black (ver-jin blak) : An anomalous harmony between the juxtapositions of purity and humanity´s darkness.
On the 8th of September – a moment we’ve all been waiting for – the romantic-barbaric power metal band VIRGIN STEELE will be laying another cornerstone with their eleventh studio album on the 25th ann
Founded in the summer of 2011, the five guys from Bavaria manage to embody with Virtue Concept a hardcore influenced metal-band that provides a well-thought-out unique sound without sticking to certai
Broken rhythms, shattered melodies and twisted turns are all flowing together into a stream of consciousness now to be revealed to the world as "The Black Flux".
Edgar Paul Allen - VocalsHank Shermann - GuitarsBjarne T. Holm - DrumsDave Moreno - Bass
Crushing. Devastating. Relentless.
VISION DIVINE was born in 1998, originally intended as Olaf Thorsen´s solo project (Labyrinth´s guitarist at the time).
Fascinated by the myths surrounding Atlantis, Werner Fiedler, Mike Koren, Christian Stani and Chris Kamper decided in August 2000 to create a band inspired by the enigma of the lost city.
Es gibt nur wenige Bands aus dem extremen Metal Bereich, die den Zahn der Zeit mühelosüberdauern und immer noch neue Akzente setzen können - VITAL REMAINS sind eine der
Vitalij Kuprij, born 1974 in Volodarka, Kiev, Ukraine, has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes.
Every ending implies an infinite amount of power for a new start.