After Ravenshades had gone through many changes had to commit suicide in 2007. It killed himself, cleared his past to reborn as Veér in 2008.
Die jungen und ehrgeizigen Vehemence, werden sicherlich schon bald ihre Duftnote in der Todesblei-Szene hinterlassen und alle Ungläubigen zum Schweigen bringen.
Fall 1999: The band takes its first steps in Seinäjoki, Finland as a project called Trey 13, initiated by the lead singer/songwriter Tomi. The final line-up of the band remains yet uncertain.
VENEREA, the band:Dana - guitarMike - bass guitar & vocalsAnden - guitar & vocalsFred - percussionThe story so far...
Since the bands 1994 inception, Vengince has released two albums, and an assortment of demos.
Back in 1987, Torbjörn Weinesjö, Thomas Weinesjö and Anders Olofsson decided to start the band that was going to be Veni Domine in 1989. Glorify
Members: L A B J M
Over 20 years of hardcore, punk & grindcore history amalgamate in VENOMOUS CONCEPT’s viciously aggressive new effort “Poisoned Apple”, profiting from the well-deserved laurels and in