Since 2006, VELNIAS have patiently built a potent body of work, capped by two full-length recordings: their debut, “Sovereign Nocturnal” from 2008 (reissued by EISENWALD in 2014) followed by “RuneEater” from 2012. These Colorado natives create a soundscape of sprawling doom, soaring post-rock, and intense black metal, laced with passionate passages of folk and moody acoustics. Their sound is progressive - primal and feral, yet meticulously honed. Kindled by the essence of their art, VELNIAS has established themselves as a titanic live entity, consistently hypnotizing audiences fortunate to witness one of their rituals. Since their inception, they have relentlessly ventured on the road domestically and abroad, touring with a host of powerful partners such as the esteemed Agalloch, Alcest, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Kampfar, and Dornenreich.

At a glacier’s pace, VELNIAS has lumbered forth, savoring the craft that goes into their unique sound with vehement devotion. At last, we see their return as they unleash Scion of Aether.


2007 - Pacing The Cyclic Nether (Demo)

2008 - Sovereign Nocturnal

2010 - Untitled Tour EP (EP)

2011 - Untitled Tour EP (2011) (EP)

2011 - Yule MMXI (Split)

2012 - RuneEater

2016 - Absolution (Single)

2020 - Scion Of Aether