BiografieI started off as a young dreamer back in the mid 70´s. I heard the likes of Deep Purple Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. I was really influenced by them. I started to learn how to play the guitar ( sorry mom and dad ! ) and I joined my first band in 1979. In the early 80´s I formed a band called FUTURE ZONE together with Thomas Ragnarsson who´s now helping me out with this project in many ways. We´ve come a long way together !
The project VAGH was born september 2000. I was fed up with the fact that AOR –music and heavy metal was totally neglected in Swedish media. I decided to make a statement in favour for the music I loved. I recorded some demosongs that I got great response on urging me to record a CD. I started to gather great musicians around me.

By summer 2001 leadsinger Jonas Blum was contacted. The line up was completed when drummer Anders Rosell keyboardplayer Tom Rask and bassplayer Jan-Åke Jönsson joined the project.

In October we went into the Steam Engine Studio to record a tenpiece CD. Female singer Noomi Strågefors made a guest- apperance on the song "Alison". All trax were mixed and mastered spring 2002. By the summer the CD "Sands of time" was finally released. We really got great response with great reviews interviews and a lot of airtime all over Europe. Also the CD sold pretty good. That made us decide to record a sequal.

In january 2003 work begun on the CD "Into Future Zone". We brought in some more people into the project. The talented singer John Marshall Gibbs recorded some amazing vocals and Henrik Hansson helped us out with some great guitarwork. After more than a year of struggling Henrik Hansson had mixed all songs and we ended up with 12 great trax.

Finally we´re ready for release.
Quelle: Sands Of Time

2004 Future Zone


Paralitico - Cover
Eingängig, aber nicht stumpf sind die Songs der Schweden von VAGH, zuckersüß aber nicht schmalzig. "AOR" oder "Melodic Rock" wie ihn auch in Übersee niemand viel besser hinbekommt.