Guenter Schulz - guitars, bass & programming
SCHWARZER ENGEL wurde im Jahr 2007 von Dave Jason gegründet.
Schweisser veröffentlichen 1989 ihre erste Mini LP (selbstverständlich auf Vinyl) in einer Auflage von 1000 Stück.
Whenever bass legend Bootsy Collins and guitar shredder extraordinaire Buckethead get together, it’s a given that new sonic ground will be broken.
Science Of Sleep were founded 2 years ago in the german city Braunschweig (Lower Saxony).
Ever since the beginning of SCOFF, it has always been about the passion for music, sharing those precious moments on stage and being a fan of your own band – nothing more and nothing less.
Unter dem Motto �oans zwoa g´suffa� wird jedes Jahr im Oktober in München die Wies´n zelebriert.
SCORNAGE from Germany were founded back in 1998 and meanwhile they get a great live experience because of their european tours together with Terror Squad (2001) and King´s Evil (2004) from Japan and a
The year was 01 when Eniac (drums, prog.) and Dr. Mike (guitars, prog.) got together in order to explore their boundaries in metal music.
Hannover, Heimat der EXPO 2000, letzte Station eines Ex-Kanzlerkandidaten und Hauptstadt des Bundeslandes Niedersachsen.
Scourged Flesh is a 4-piece Death/Thrash metal band from Perth, Western Australia. The band was formed in February 2006 by brothers David and Todd Kilgallon and Simon Bracegirdle.
The Screaming Shadows are an italian Heavy Metal band founded about ‘97/’98. Their music is
On a warm spring evening in 2002, a meeting took place in Norway. A group of people convened to discuss the possibility of making an album that would impact the music scene.