SCUZZ, das sind 3 nette junge Musiker aus Merzig, im Süd-Westen Deutschlands, die mit ihrer Mischung aus Grunge, Punk und Alternative Rock gegen den Strom schwimmen und sich von anderen Mainstream-Ban
Sweden´s reputation for producing quality death metal continues with Seance.
Searing I was formed in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1999 within the ashes of a death metal band called The Prophecy.
Season Of Dreams
SEASON OF DREAMS was founded by Jean-Michel Volz, the main composer in the band A TASTE OF FREEDOM. He wanted to create a Heavy/Power band with Power Metal influences.
SEASONS OF THE WOLF, Progressive, Gothic, New Age Metal or as our German friends have called it: "Psycho-Hippie-Doom-Metal".
Secret Sphere start for an idea of Aldo Lonobile, on July 1997.
In the year 1999 SECRETUM was founded by Centrox, Maeztro and Evil_e to perform Metal the way it´s supposed to be: hard, fast and aggressive. Bay-Area meets Berlin: SECRETUM (lat.
Having released a few instrumental albums, the Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen needed a change of pace and wanted to write an all vocal album.
SEED OF PAIN is a band from Switzerland. Their music is filled with groovy,heavy and progressive hardcore in the vein of BURN, 108, OUTSPOKEN