S-core was founded in 1998 out of two bands from Strasbourg, France.
S.O.S. owes you nothing. Made up solely of individuals who each have a well-respected hardcore history, the band is just a small piece of the truths and of the code the scene has shown us all.
Die Augsburger Band s.punch wurde im Mai 2000 gegründet. Bis heute befand sich die Formation in einer stetigen Entwicklungsphase.
Saattue wss formed in 2001, at the darkest corner of Bar Papillon (Riihimäki/Finland).
Gegründet wurde SACARIUM 2001 von Rupert Hagenauer (Lead Gitarre) und Michael Regner (Schlagzeug).
Sacred Oath was originally formed in 1985 in Connecticut USA by founding members Rob Thorne (vocals/guitar), Kenny Evans (drums), Pete Altieri (bass), and Glen Cruciani (guitar).
Phil Rind - (Vocals and Bass)Wiley Arnett - (Lead Guitar)Jason Rainey - (Rhythm Guitar)Greg Hall - (Drums)
For more than fifteen years SACRED STEEL have been offering the metalhead a deadly trend-free alternative to blown-up trigger drums, cheesy keyboards and boring cliché sounds which are hyped to be
The mid 80’s were incontestably full of brilliant Metal acts which for different reasons never reached the level of acts such as METALLICA, ANTHRAX, SLAYER, QUEENSRYCHE and the likes, let alone
Metal from Germany. Atmosphere with groove and heaviness.
Black Crust Death Punk
Sacrum is a representative of Polish heavy style of music related to the death-doom metal genre and based on heavy guitars, mid-paced rhythms and distinctive sound of keyboards.