Salt the Wound was founded in September of 2001 in Cleveland, OH. 7 years later we find members of the band hailing from all over the state of Ohio as well as Illinois.
Throughout the ‘90s S A M A E L released five albums and a couple of side releases.
After an absence of two years, Samaritan returns with a new and stronger line-up in feb 2006.
Behrang Alavi (Vocals, Guitar) Andreas Voland (Bass, Vocals) Stephan Voland (Drums, Vocals)
SAMIAM formed in 1988 out of the ashes of various East Bay punk rock bands. Guitar player Sergie played drums for Gilman Street regulars The Sweet Baby Jesus.
Sammath Naur was formed in 1999 by Uzurpator - vocals, Saturnus - guitars, Sigmar - guitars and Lestath - drums.
Dezember 1999, wenige Tage vor der Jahrtausendwende, in einem dunklen Proberaum werden SAMORRA geboren. Es ist kalt, von den Wänden bröckelt der Putz, es riecht nach Muff.
Sanctimonious Order was formed in the year 1997 by Taron, Lars, Xanatoss and Norman to play Black/Death Metal. In 1999 the Band recorded the tracks
Bei SANCTION-X treffen wir auf bekannte Musiker der Metal-Szene.
Sanctuary biography/liner notes 2014 By Chris Dick
Die in Los Angeles beheimateten SANCTUS (bestehend aus: Jason McCrarey-Gesang, Royce Hsu-Gitarre, Mike O´Meara-Gitarre, Brent Gibson-Bass, Adrian Ross-Keyboards und Michael Chi-Schlagzeug) tauchten zu
The whole SANDALINAS project began back in 2000 when Jordi Sandalinas (guitarist) gathered some compositions he wrote during his early years and decided to record a definitive album at a well known re
Sanguis was founded in 1999 by Aries (bass), Otwin (drums), Robert (guitar) and Wolf (voc).