BiografieS-core was founded in 1998 out of two bands from Strasbourg, France. In less than 2 years, their power-core became renowned in eastern France, and even Germany where they won the Kabarock.T Festival Competition.
In February 2001, S-core release their first demo “FATANDWET” and sell the 600 copies in a couple of weeks, but multiple line-up changes slow down the band’s spread. Joined by a new drummer, bass player and guitarist, (who are now all in the actual line up), S-core release the track “Us” on the “Trapped in Yourself” compilation in November 2001. The band then starts touring around France, expanding horizons and working on their live shows, proving terrific capacities and determination.

2003 marks a new turn in their career as they release their first album “Riot… Process Engaged” (M10/dirty8) recorded by Stéphane Buriez from the band Loudblast. The album is a big hit in the French Metal scene and all copies are sold in less than a year. Their sound and energy on stage guarantee explosive performances and records

They have just released their second album, "Gust of Rage". No doubt their powerful riffs and lead vocals, massive rhythmic patterns and vitalizing shows make them a promising reference for the future.Quelle: www