Science Of Sleep

BiografieScience Of Sleep were founded 2 years ago in the german city Braunschweig (Lower Saxony).
Since then the band developed a new level of sickness and brutal deathcore music. With a never ending passion for what they do and
love. In a genre which is overwhelming with upcoming bands Science Of Sleep clearly break out of line and deliver a new era of brutality, blastbeats and blood-freezing vocals.
The passion the 5 guys carry through every moment of their bandlife and over 100 live shows in the first two years show everybody the strong will to reach a higher level.

In the early band years SOS recored some promo songs for myspace and facebook and later worked with the famous "Rape Of Harmonies Studio" (Heaven Shall Burn and many more)

The debut EP "Affliction" will be released 23rd September and will hit everybody in the face who thought deathcore could not get any better anymore!

If you want to catch SOS check their bandpage for live dates, or book them for your show!Quelle: Exhaust www



Exhaust - Cover
SCIENCE OF SLEEP geben mit „Exhaust“ ihr Albumdebüt ab, nachdem sie mit ihrer „Affliction“-EP 2011 schon gut Staub in der deutschen Metalcore-Szene aufwirbeln konnten.