1980 Designs & builds 6-string fretless guitar #1. Enrolls at Berklee College of Music, Boston Mass. USA. 1982
Madrigal was founded in 1998 in Gothenburg, Sweden. They were teenagers back in those days and played in different local bands.
In ancient Ireland, in the year 998 A.D. Mael Mórdha, King of the province Leinster, began a bloody rebellion against the High King of Ireland, Brian Ború.
Magenta Harvest started as a two man project in 2005 by Timo K(Havoc Unit, O, ex-...and Oceans) and Janne (Mygrain, ex-...and Oceans).
Anfang ‚93 trafen sich zwei abgedrehte Freaks, ihre Namen Gyn und Haini, um ihrer Langenweile ein Ende zu machen. Sie hatten beide eins gemeinsam, sie wollten Musik machen.
Maggottholamia plays varied brutal death metal. Current line up was established in summer 2003.
We are a musical conduit for a great and strong universal being called Magna. Magna holds the ultimate power of wisdom, tolerance, love, compassion and peace.
Line-Up: Umberto Parisi: rhythm and lead guitars Luca Pappalardo: keyboards Tullio Carleo: drums Alessandro D´Ascoli: bass
MAGO DE OZ is one of the most popular original bands from Madrid.
Mahatma's debut album, "The Endless Struggle Against Time", was comprised of songs that the band had been playing since they were young.
Emerging from the streets of New York City, Mahavatar, a young and upcoming band set forth to deliver their message to the masses...