"MELANCHOLY" was created on the 12th of december in 1998, on the "ruins" of Angry-Death project Last Angel.
Man mag es kaum glauben: Blastbeat passt zu Offbeat wie die Kleidung des Weihnachtsmanns zu seinem Bart.
• January 2006 Melechesh entered Woodhouse studios in Germany (a.o. Grip inc. Samael, Therion, Moonspell...) for 4 weeks to record their 4th album entitled ´Emissaries´.
MELIAH RAGE is a band driven by extreme passion for an artform – appreciated by many, but misunderstood by the masses.
The Melvins formed in Aberdeen/Montesano, WA in 1983 the founding members were Buzz, Mike Dillard (drums), and ex-Mudhoney bassist Matt Lukin.
In 1999 the common passion of creating music lead the carinthian (A) members of "MELY" together.
1999: Beginning
Memory Driven was formed in September of 2008 by Dennis Cornelius, after the break up of his previous band Dwell Within.
Memory Garden was formed in December 1992 in Kumla, Sweden. They began their carrier with some demo and EP releases which gained the interest of the small Swedish label Heathendoom Music.
TEXAS, enough sawed offs and death penalty law to keep you far enough away.
Men Eater came together as a band in a pretty casual way, in the back seat of a van, while bouncing ideas... Those ideas became reality on the next day.
Bandgeschichte MENHIR
Die Horror Metal Band Menschenfresser wurde im Jahr 2006 von Christian Knechtel  an der Gitarre und Holger Rodammer an Gesang und Schlagzeug gegründet.