Inspired by the Japanese visual-kei scene and the brutality of Swedish hardcore and metal, Marionette has brought light to the metal genre.
There once was a peaceful place called Valley Doom. With no worries at mind, the kingdom didn't see what was going on outside of their borders.
Almost every melodic rock fan will have a record or CD where Mark Spiro participates as a songwriter or backup vocalist.
Haunted Black Metal from the mythical Woods of Baden-Baden.
Hardcore-Ethik auf eine komplett neue Ebene tragend, überdauern Deutschlands MAROON ihre Zeitgenossen weltweit.
Martiria was formed back in 1987 by Massimo Di Vincenzo (vocalist) and Andy "Menario" Menarini ( a guitar player with an epic/power metal style such as : Warlord, Manowar).
Once upon a landscape dreary, with the cold wind blowing fiercely... Martriden was born!
'Martyrs Shrine' is an Extreme Metal band from Melbourne Australia formed by Mike Forsberg (vocals/drums) and Michael "Mick" Carlisle (guitar/bass) in 2005.
Maruta was concieved in late 2005.