Anfang 1996 formierte sich die Band aus Rostock zunächst in einer Dreierbesetzung. Noch innerhalb des selben Jahres entstand -
Founded in autumn 1998, to find a way for five individuals from northern Germany to spread the message they believe in, MAINTAIN gained fastly some popularity around their local area.
MAJESTIC wurden 1997 von Richard Andersson (key) und Peter Espinoza (git) unter dem Namen Lab Rat gegründet.
Gegründet wurden MAJESTY 1997 von Tarek „MS“ Maghary und Udo Keppner mit dem klaren Ziel, ihre Leidenschaft, nämlich Heavy Metal Ausdruck zu geben.
Adamantly earnest and unwaveringly driven, New England's Make Do and Mend has spent the past four years gaining footholds and garnering attention in every corner of today's music landscape.
MAKE IT COUNT! from Berlin/Germany began 2005 as a typical Hardcore Band with the goal to play straight up, pissed off, old school tasted Hardcore, the way it should be played.
In jenen Tagen, als die Welt noch jung war, und der Mensch des Menschen Feind. Als düstere Schatten die Erde überzogen und die Farben der Zeit verblassten.
Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden.
One would think that after more than ten years of cranking out the most blistering of death metal, Malevolent Creation would be willing to rest on their laurels, having nothing left to prove.
Malice is an American heavy metal band formed in the early 80s. Their sound is comparable to that of Judas Priest's, and they are notable for having toured with popular metal group Slayer.
Norway’s most decadent band, Malice In Wonderland, is ready with their debut album.
Malignancy is a Yonkers, NY based death/grind band founded by Danny Nelson and Javier Velez in February of 1992. Early in the band´s history the major problem was always members.
Malus was founded in November 2001 by its only member Wargrath.The intend was to make black, melancholic and misanthropic art of metal and