S.O.D. has always been a project, never a band. So, when Dan Lilker went back to Nuclear Assault, and Scott Ian & Charlie Benante to Anthrax, Billy Milano started his own band:
DIE FRÜHEN JAHRE 1985 - 1993
Macbeth is an established Italian Gothic Metal band in the international music scene.
Machine Men is a Finnish heavy metal band influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and Queensryche.
Line-Up: Flo Velten – vocals Holger Kiparski – guitar Sky Hoff – guitar Sven Luppus – bass Max Kotzmann – drums
Machinery was formed in late 2001 by guitarist/singer Michel Isberg and drummer Johan Westman.
MAD DOGGIN’ sind Cool – Für manche fast schon zu cool. Sie bezeichnen sich selbst als die „Last Pimps in Town“ und tragen Ihre Hosen so tief, dass jede gut angezogene Oma Ihre Bedenken hätte.
Wie alles begann:
Gegründet Anfang 2004 als dreifaltige Abtei (Daniel – Gesang / Gitarre; Lasse: Trompete / Gesang und Sven - Schlagwerk) wuchs man mit Dennis am Bass schnell zum ketzerischen Quartett an und vers
One fact sets Mad Sin apart from most of the glut of other bands thrashing the genre that’s a mouldering bile-spewing corpse of punk and rockabilly, the simple fact that they are the real deal.
New York City hardcore legends MADBALL are set to release their GOOD FIGHT MUSIC debut this fall, appropriately entitled Empire.
Es war so Mitte 2003, als an Stefans Tür ein Nachbar klopfte. Er wollte wissen ob Stefan der jenige war der immer so n krach mit seiner E - Gitarre machte.
In the beginning Madder Mortem was formed in 1993 as Mystery Tribe, and recorded the demo "Days in Sorrow".
It has been a couple of years now since the group members met as teenagers and decided to rock together. Since the very beginning,