Magenta Harvest

BiografieMagenta Harvest started as a two man project in 2005 by Timo K(Havoc Unit, O, ex-...and Oceans) and Janne (Mygrain, ex-...and Oceans). The idea for creating this band was maybe to continue making the kind of metal we used to do with '95 era of ...and Oceans. Of course that was only the starting point. The actual sound of the band was taking form after all of the members were recruited. A few years went by quite fast as a duo. A lot of different things and ideas were tested during the years. Some material were created along the way though. In 2009 second guitarist Timo H joined the band as well as bassist Jonas (Chthonian). Four tracks was the result of the co-operation. Following year Mathias (Finntroll, Chthonian) joined the band. Soon after that we went to studio and recorded those four tracks, our first demo 'A Familiar Room'. Last year of 2011 we spent creating new tunes and now we have our second demo 'Apparition of Ending' ready to be released. This time we got help from Aleksi Virta (Finntroll) who did all the keyboard/noise stuff for the demo. Jan Jämsen, again, helped with lyrics as he did with the first demo. Maybe now it's time to do some gigs then....


Apparation Of Ending - Cover
Bei MARGENTA HARVEST toben sich Leute von FINNTROLL, …AND OCEANS und weiteren finnischen Bands aus, die sich mit diesem Projekt dem schwermütig-heftigen Death Metal verschrieben haben, für den d