H.E.A.T, the Swedes who are making 80s-influenced hard rock fashionable once again, release a brand new album via earMUSIC on August 5th, 2022. Their seventh studio record, ‘Force Majeure’ marks the return of the band’s original singer, Kenny Leckremo, after an absence of a decade.

‘Force Majeure’ is an appropriate title. These 11 songs distil the joy of melodic hard rock at its purest and finest. Having co-founded the band in Upplands Väsby, the same suburb of Stockholm that had previously birthed Europe, Kenny Leckremo steps up to deliver a vocal masterclass on ‘Force Majeure’.

Whilst the Grönwall-fronted H.E.A.T was content to push the envelope a little with their 2017 album ‘Into The Great Unknown’, more experimental tracks such as ‘Time On Our Side’ causing heated debate among the group’s fans, this time there’s zero pussyfooting around. With ‘Force Majeure’ H.E.A.T sound laser-focused on delivering a very particular direction that melds their youthful early records and what Leckremo calls the “slightly edgier sound” of the records made with Erik.

Behind the scenes, H.E.A.T are now signed directly to earMUSIC for the first time, a development that brings a sense of continuity to their plans around the globe.

Following the departure of Erik Grönwall, the former Swedish Idol winner who voiced four albums, H.E.A.T insist that Leckremo was the only man they considered for the role of the group’s frontman.


2008 - H.E.A.T

2010 - Beg, Beg, Beg (EP)

2010 - Freedom Rock

2012 - Address The Nation

2014 - A Shot At Redemption (EP)

2014 - Tearing Down The Walls

2015 - Live In London (Live)

2017 - Into The Great Unknown

2019 - Live At Sweden Rock Festival (Live)

2020 - H.E.A.T II

2022 - Force Majeure



Address The Nation - Cover
H.E.A.T waren mit ihren ersten beiden Alben „H.E.A.T“ und „Freedom Rock“ sowas wie die Durchstarter der Melodic Rock Szene.