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The band started in 1997 and never really planned on doing anything else than playing percise and to the point hardcore. A demo tape was recorded and later released as a seven inch vinyl piece 1999. The first album called Neverendinglasting saw the light of day in 2001.
At this time the line up was Johan/vocals, Andy H/drums, Markus/guitar and Andy S/bass.


Markus, the guitar player left the band and Jon offered his guitar skills during the cold winter of 2001. There was already talk about doing a split record with a great band called From Ashes Rise so we started writing songs for it. We returned to Studio Soundlab in Örebro to record with Mieszko Talarczyk who at this time had the reputation of owning the best studio for "small" hardcore bands in Sweden. The record was released in 2001 in the US by Havoc Records and this is a start of a great relationship with the label that continues today. ...In Blood, the second full length record came out in 2004. It seems like people liked it a lot and we got good reviews all over the world. This record brought us to our first tour of America.

After some touring around Europe we set out to make a rougher record, make the songs shorter and even more simple than the ...In Blood album. We wrote a bunch of songs and as Studio Soundlab died with Mieszko in 2004 we recorded Divide and Conquer at The Dustward here in Stockholm early 2006. We toured the US again and this time we brought our mission to the east coast.


We parted ways with the bass player and founding member Andy S from the band late 2006. It was time to take this band a little more seriously. Johan did pick up the bass and we where now a powertrio. We toured europe with one of the best band around today, Another Breath in the early summer of 2007. We also played a few festivals around Europe in between rehersals. In October 2007 we felt ready to record our strongest effort so far and we chose to call it Killer.

In 2008 we plan to tour all over Europe, make at least a third visit to the US and who knows what?Quelle: Killer

2006 Divide And Conquer

2004 In Blood

2003 Split w/ From Ashes Rise

2001 Neverendinglasting



A Dissident - Cover
VICTIMS haben sich spätestens mit „Killer“ in die erste Reihe der Crustpunk-Bands dieses Planeten gebracht, entsprechend hoch sind die Erwartungen an den nicht ganz 30 Minuten langen Nachf
Killer - Cover
VICTIMS haben mit „Killer” eines dieser Alben geschaffen, die in nicht mal einer halben Stunde alles sagen.