RITUAL is a Hardcore Punk band. RITUAL is a group of four passionated and honest young individuals. Above all, RITUAL is a statement against a mental and emotional downfall, which can not only be discovered in our society, but in the hardcore punk scene as well. In the spirit of our age, where life is defined by numbers and not by values; where information is gained through eating what you are being fed and not through thinking, RITUAL is set to be an inspiration for a new state of mind and a new state of heart. A strong 90's edge can not be denied, neither musically wise nor politically nor emotionally. Think of bands such as CHOKEHOLD, UNBROKEN, MEAN SEASON, REFUSED or ENTOMBED.

In 5 years of existence, the band released two demos, of which one was also released as a 7" on Drastic Actions Records in 2005 to set the dawn of RITUAL's rising middle finger towards society's ugly face. Followed up by their full length "Precious Times" in 2006 (Blacktop Records / Fields of Hope Records), the zenith was reached with their "Wolves" 7" (Blacktop Records / Drastic Actions Records) in the very end of 2006. Up to now RITUAL shared stages with such names as NO TURNING BACK, RISE & FALL, BLACK FRIDAY '29, ZERO MENTALITY, PAINT IT BLACK, STRIKE ANYWHERE, 108, LAGWAGON and countless others. They shared vans throughout Europe with ANCHOR, FC FIVE or Boston's very own HAVE HEART.

Two years after "Wolves" the dusk will hang its curtain over the band and their music (not speaking about quality), as those four kids grew mature and teenage angst developed into adult despair and frustration. The upcoming full length "Beneath Aging Flesh and Bone", which will be released via REFLECTIONS RECORDS in early 2009, will be the best, the smartest, the most reflected and above all, the darkest material that RITUAL has written so far. You should probably get well dressed, because after all these years, you will finally meet your soul. Watch out for this band, as they will unleash a rage, not only on stage, but also in your heart, in 2009.Quelle: Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone

2006 Wolves 7"

2006 Precious Time

2005 One Foot In The Grave


Paper Skin - Cover
RITUAL haben spätestens mit „Beneath Aging Flesh And Bones” international den Durchbruch geschafft, was deutschen HC-Bands ja nicht oft gelingt.
Precious Times - Cover
Im Pott sind die Jungspunde von RITUAL beheimatet, die ich bisher nur live erlebt haben.