STORMWARRIOR are known worldwide for their unique style combining True Heavy Metal anthems with the concept of Nordic mythology. Hailing from Northern Germany and greatly inspired by the 80’s metal scene, especially the Hamburg Metal godfathers like Helloween and Running Wild, the band was founded by Lars Ramcke.
After releasing 2 demo tapes and playing dozens of live shows, STORMWARRIOR finally got the attention of one of their all time idols Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray/ex-Helloween) and recorded their selftitled debut album with him in Hamburg based Hansen Studios. The album hit the stores in July 2002 and praise from all corners of the globe has been streaming in since then.

Successful festival appearances at the Wacken Open Air (Ger), Gates Of Metal & Motala Metal Festival (Swe), a tour with Iron Savior and the EP „Heavy Metal Fire“ followed.

In the end of 2003 STORMWARRIOR entered Hansen Studios again to record the strongly awaited second album “Northern Rage” which was released in June 2004 and proved once more that STORMWARRIOR are on the right path to reach the level of the bands that had once inspired them.

After the successful release of "Northern Rage" they were invited to support Gamma Ray on their Japan tour and to play all the big festivals like Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock (UK), Manowar's Magic Circle Festival and Earthshaker during the past summers. And besides proving that they are one of the hottest live acts of our times STORMWARRIOR added a special set to their live show, which they played together with Kai Hansen celebrating old Helloween classics of the glorious “Walls of Jericho” era.

Their 3rd studio album "Heading Northe" was recorded in their own "Thunderhall Studio" and mixed by Piet Sielck (Iron Savior). The final mastering was done by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids a.o.) at his Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. The album was a massive success and allowed the band to play exquisite festivals like Sweden Rock, Masters of Rock and the prestigious ProgPower USA Festival in Atlanta. Also, STORMWARRIOR were invited to take part in the Live Premonition Over Europe tour, which also included bands like Firewind and Kiuas.

In 2011, STORMWARRIOR proved with "Heathen Warrior" that they were able to raise the bar once more. Not only staying true to their roots, they managed to evolve their already unequaled musical prowess with the most catchy yet intricate guitar work, earwig-melodies and pushing drum and bass attacks. The band worked together with Tommy Hansen again, who also mixed this time at Jailhouse Studios.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, STORMWARRIOR shared stages with metal monsters like Accept and Slayer (Bang Your Head), Saxon (Hamburg Metal Dayz), and took part in one of the most successful metal tours of 2012, the Wolfsnächste-Tour together with Powerwolf, Mystic Prophecy and Lonewolf.

Finally, the fifth album of northern Germany's premiere metal warriors is ready to be unleashed upon the world. Returning to traditional values, they went back to producer Piet Sielck, who had already put his magical hands on the hit album "Heading Northe" (2008). Musically, the band masterfully blends the spirit of the earlier releases with the accessibility of the newer records. The result will be released on January 24th 2014 as "Thunder & Steele", and will show the band's unbridled joy of playing their instruments. It is STORMWARRIOR 's sincerity combined with their musical abilities that, most likely, will result in "Thunder & Steele" being their finest hour to date!


1999 - Metal Victory (Demo)

2000 - Barbaric Steel (Demo)

2001 - Possessed By Metal (7")

2002 - Spikes And Leather (7")

2002 - Stormwarrior

2003 - Heavy Metal Fire (EP)

2004 - Odens Krigare (EP)

2004 - Northern Rage

2006 - At Foreign Shores - Live In Japan (Live)

2008 - Heading Northe

2011 - Heathen Warrior

2011 - Wolfsnaechte 2012 Tour EP (Split)

2014 - Thunder & Steele

2019 - Norsemen



Heathen Warrior - Cover
Als die Hamburger Axtschwinger im Jahr 2002 nach zwei Demos und zwei 7"-EPs mit ihrem selbst betitelten, saustarken Debüt mitten in die seinerzeit noch unsägliche "True Metal"-Welle einbrachen, war be
Heavy Metal Fire - Cover
Dies ist Metal. Nüscht anderes. Aber auch gar nix. Hier reitet "Odins Warrior" durchs "Heavy Metal Fire" mit ordentlich "Spikes And Leather" zu den "Iron Prayers".
Thunder And Steel - Cover
Donner und Stahl, ein Sturm zieht auf: STORMWARRIOR melden sich endlich mit einem neuen Album zurück!