Rotten Sound

BiografieYou thought Rotten Sound couldn’t top their genre-defining Murderworks album? Think again, and think fast. After the freight-train coming off rails that is Exit has ran over you and your sorry preconceptions about just how far grindcore (or extreme metal for that matter) can be taken, you might not be able to put a sentence together.

Rotten Sound is that rare beast which extreme music should aspire to be in the first place: aggressive as a rhinoceros pumped full of bad amphetamine, yet razor-sharp in its twists and turns - lunatic as the assault may be, there is a foreboding sense of methodology to it. Rotten Sound are going for the throat, make no mistake.

Rotten Sound was formed already in 1993, and there has been no let-down since, which speaks volumes about the dedication and seriousness of the band. There is no comic relief either, it is all a calculated kill. After a slew of underground releases, singles and EPs, the band unleashed their debut album Under Pressure in 1998 on Repulse Records. Drain followed in 1999, then the MCD Still Psycho (now on Necropolis Records) in 2000. With the release of Murderworks, Rotten Sound found themselves headlining a brief European tour.

As anyone who has witnessed their explosive shows can testify, here is one band who can cut it onstage as well. Relentless touring has brought them together as no mere practice in some cellar hole could ever do. The maniacs fronted by singer G always put on a full-on show, as audiences in Europe and U.S. already know. Check out their DVD release Murderlive, which well captures their killer live act with tons of extras to boot.

The impossibly fluid drumming of K has astounded colleagues and audiences for years, but is in no way the limit of talent of display here. Take a listen-no biography will do justice to the ripping whirlwind the album packs. It is not mere speed-these seasoned veterans refuse to be a one-trick pony-but the sheer intensity which counts. And the lyrics certainly measure up. There are tons of hate thrown around, but always with certain wit and intelligence, not to mention cynicism.

Legends like Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death have paved the way for bands like Rotten Sound. With the release of Exit, there should be no doubt who will be leading the next generation!Quelle: - Still Psycho

2002 - Murderworks

2003 - From Crust ´Til Grind

2005 - Exit



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Dienstag 19.04.2005
Mit einer brutalen Grind-Platte in die Charts einzusteigen gelingt nicht vielen Bands. Mögen die finnischen Charts auch nicht so schwer zu knacken sein wie die größerer Länder, hätte doch niemand damit gerechnet, dass eben dieses Kunstück ROTTEN SOUND mit ihrem neuen Langeisen "Exit" gelingt.


Consume To Contaminate (EP) - Cover
Power It Up haben sich den letzten ROTTEN SOUND-Opus geschnappt und bringen die erste Vertonung der Finnen mit neuem Drummer als schickes Vinly heraus.
Consume To Contaminate EP - Cover
Der Drummerwechsel bei ROTTEN SOUND (nach 12 Jahren verließ K die Band) sollte eigentlich zu einer längeren Pause führen und 2006 ohne neues Album oder EP beenden.
Cursed - Cover
Bei ROTTEN SOUND gibt es seit jeher keine Zweifel vor dem Kauf eines neuen Tonträgers der Band: die Finnen stehen für Grindcore.
Cycles - Cover
ROTTEN SOUND haben sich zu einer der besten und intensivsten Grindbands ever gewandelt, das hat spätestens nach „Exit“ auch der Letzte begriffen, die folgende EP hat das nochmal unterstric