Afgrund is a Swedish band started in 2006 by Andreas Baier and Olle Ferner and Patrik Howe (from bands such as 21 Lucifers, Mareridden, Vi (ex-Clean Shade of Dirty), Penile Suffocation, Avsmak)).
After Forever was formed in 1995, their music was mostly death metal orientated with classical influences.
Hardcore Punk from Albany, NY
Formed in Washington D.C. in 1998, Age of Ruin was conceived as a band that would blend the melodic elements of Scandinavian metal with the brutality of the heavy American hardcore scene.
Agent Steel, known only for 2 albums, an EP, a couple of compilation tracks and two video releases (all within a 4 year period), have, thanks to their great talent, withstood the test of time and can
Aghora is a progressive metal band from Miami Florida formed in 1995 by Guitarist Santiago Dobles.
The year was 1982. The place, New York City.
MRCY (gtr) and VIKY (both ex MUTE CRY) started to write the first page from the cronicle in the of 1993. They founded very soon the second guitar man PATRIK and drummer ROBERT.