After All


The origins of AFTER ALL go back to 1987, when guitarists Dries Van Damme and Christophe Depree were part of a band called CRAP SOCIETY, together with Bert (bass) and Peter (drums) Demeyer. With this line-up two gigs were played in late 1987, early 1988. In the summer of 1988 Bert Demeyer left and as a result his brother Peter switched from drums to bass. A new drummer was found in Chris 'Hazy' De Neve (ANTI DOTE). The new line-up was rounded out with the arrival of vocalist Wijnand Desreveaux. Due to all of these changes the band decided on a new moniker as well : AT LAST.

The band started to rehearse intensely and at the same time wrote a new repertoire of fast thrash metal. AT LAST's maiden live gig was in May of 1989, in Koekelare, as support to EVIL SINNER, who were celebrating the official release of their selftitled mLP that day. During the summer of 1989 AT LAST recorded the Peace On Earth demo. The band also continued to play live, in such places as Ieper (Vort'n Vis) and Roeselare (Combi). After some ten gigs as AT LAST the band decided to change moniker once more in 1990, as another band (also from Brugge) called AT LAST was already doing the rounds : and thus AFTER ALL was born …

The first gig as AFTER ALL was at De Kelk in hometown Brugge, in October of 1990. In September and October of 1991 AFTER ALL recorded four songs at the C.C.R. Studio in Zulte, with engineer Kris B. It would last another while until AFTER ALL's first vinyl release would see the light of day though, as Dusk wasn't released until during the summer of 1992. And although Yannic Kermarrec (ex BLACKLIST) was mentioned on the sleeve as being the bassist, it was in fact Peter Demeyer who recorded the bass tracks. It's just that he had left after the recordings and prior to the release … As a matter of fact : by the time that Dusk was available to the public Yannic had left again already as well …

The official presentation of Dusk took place at De Kelk in Brugge, in November of 1992, with bassist ad interim Joachim Meese. Shortly after this gig the band decided to continue with Piet Focroul on vocals. And in early 1993 AFTER ALL finally managed to obtain a stable line-up with the addition of bassist Erwin Casier. A line-up that would stay together for almost 10 years …

In 1994 AFTER ALL won the Rudd Rock Rally, and as a result performed at the Rudd Rock festival in front of over 5,000 people. Another beneficial fact was playing support to Arno, and the band also won 24 hours of studio time, which was used to record another demo. The band also got in touch with Kloot Per W, who was involved with Metalopolis, a metal show on national radio station Studio Brussel.

In May and July of 1995 AFTER ALL entered the Hype Power Studio in Aalst with producer and engineer Dee J. (former guitarist of LA MUERTE) and recorded the songs that were to be released as the band's first full-length release. Mastering, courtesy of Alan Ward, took place at Electric City in Brussels, on September 5th 1995. Thanks to Kloot Per W the band landed a deal with Donor Productions soon after.

Wonder was released in December of 1995 and the official release party was held at a sold out Cactus Club in Brugge, in late December. Despite the fact that Wonder was only released in Belgium, and suffered heavily from lack of promotion, AFTER ALL managed to support the likes of ANATHEMA and THE GATHERING in the Spring of 1996. The band also played outside of Belgium, in Holland to be precise, for the first time later on in 1996.

March 28th through April 28th 1997 AFTER ALL entered the Hype Power Studio in Aalst again, once more with producer and engineer Dee J. The recordings were mastered on May 2nd 1997, once again by Alan Ward at Electric City in Brussels. The end result was Transcendent, the band's second CD, which was released on Dee J.'s own Watt's'On label in October of 1997. Besides the Benelux, Transcendent was also released in France, Germany and Switzerland. In order to promote Transcendent adequately AFTER ALL hit the road again as well, playing support to the likes of PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, SAXON and VOIVOD. A well promoted show with MEGADETH was cancelled the day before the gig was about to take place. To make up for this missed opportunity, the promoter offered the band to open for APOCALYPTICA in a sold out AB in Brussels, on November 17th 1997. This particular show coincided with the launch party of METALLICA's Reload release and was broadcast by national radio station Studio Brussel. Local television appearances followed as well, and even Radio 21, a national radio station from the French speaking part of the country, dedicated a 45 minutes special to AFTER ALL.

During most of 1998 AFTER ALL concentrated on writing new songs. As a matter of fact, most of these newly written songs were dumped almost immediately, as the band had trouble finding a cohesive direction. However, the band also continued to play live every once in a while, including a support slot to LIFE OF AGONY at De Vooruit in Gent, in June. In late October of 1998 AFTER ALL started the pre-production of their third release. 15 songs were recorded, yet most of them were rewritten and / or rearranged afterwards. One of the songs (No Recollection) from those sessions that didn't make it onto said third CD in the end would later surface on a split 7" with PATRIARCH in 2000.

In March of 1999 AFTER ALL recorded two songs that were elected not to appear on the band's third release, simply because they didn't fit in with the general concept. Exhale (including A Sweet Departure) and Turn The Tide were once again recorded with producer and engineer Dee J. at Hype Studio in Aalst. The latter surfaced on the Rookies I compilation CD, while the former was supposed to be included on the Revelations - On Wings Through Time compilation CD, but the album was never released in the end. Eventually both of these songs would surface on a 7" from Sweden's Near Dark Records in 2001.

Once this session was over AFTER ALL headed back to their rehearsal space in order to refine the nine songs that were chosen to make up their next CD. The actual recordings for Dead Loss took place in July of 1999, once more at Hype Studio, and with Dee J. at the helm. A couple of friends were asked to perform a special guest performance as well : OVERFLOW vocalist Thomas Vanelslander, SENGIR vocalist Ellen Schutyser and THE TEMPLE drummer Philip Joseph. Besides, former CYCLONE vocalist Guido Gevels delivered vocals on opener Erase The Past. It marked Guido's return to a studio ever since the demise of CYCLONE in the early 1990's.

Once the recordings of Dead Loss were over AFTER ALL took a break, then retured to the stage in the autumn of 1999. The highlight of those days was a performance at the Bomma festival. And since the deal with Watt's'On was only for one album, the band was on the lookout for a new record label. Despite plenty of promises, nothing turned out to be concrete before the end of the year though.

In January of 2000 AFTER ALL were contacted by Sweden's Near Dark Records. A deal to release both songs from their March 1999 session on a limited 7" was soon agreed on. As a result the recordings were remastered by Pieter Loose at Blue Angels Studio in Brugge on January 26th, and the The Bereaved EP was set for release in March 2000. Also in January of 2000 Geert Baelus of Zjosuah Promotions contacted the band. He intended to release a limited split 7" with AFTER ALL and PATRIARCH on. AFTER ALL decided to deliver No Recollection for that release. It was one of the songs, originating from the October 1998 pre-production sessions for Dead Loss, that didn't make the final selection because it was too different from the rest. The split 7" (also including PATRIARCH's Inside) was released on Geert's Cannibaelus Records in March of 2000. And to coincide with the release AFTER ALL and PATRIARCH shared the bill with WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT and England's SHADOWKEEP at the Biebob venue in Vosselaar on March 25th 2000.

In the meantime AFTER ALL were negotiating a deal with Brussels based Rokarola Records, a subsidiary of Music Avenue. A deal for the release of two CD's was signed in April 2000, and the mastering of Dead Loss took place on April 1st 2000 already, at Contact 23 in Tervuren. Dead Loss was finally released in the Benelux in late May. The release party for Dead Loss took place at a packed Cactus Club in Brugge, on June 2nd 2000. Highlight of this 90'+ show was CYCLONE's Guido Gevels joining the band on stage to sing on Erase Your Past, just like he did on Dead Loss. Only to be followed by a rendition of CYCLONE's In The Grip Of Evil, with Guido on lead vocals.

Erase Your Past also appeared on the BAP Midem 2000 compilation 2CD, which was issued by Sabam, the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers. By means of this release Sabam promoted Belgian Rock and Pop bands during the 2000 edition of Midem, an international music industry fair in Cannes, France.

AFTER ALL was also invited to play at the Eurorock festival in the summer of 2000. The festival attracted over 20,000 people in total and AFTER ALL played on the opening night, alongside the likes of THERION, TIAMAT and TRISTANIA. The band continued to play several headline shows in Belgium as well, and by the end of 2001 Dead Loss was released in almost all European countries. Quite naturally, the band had kept busy writing new material as well.

In January of 2001 AFTER ALL recorded demo versions of 7 new songs for what was to become the band's fourth full-length CD. In late January 2001 AFTER ALL were special guests at the release party of their labelmates WICKED MYSTIC, who had just unleashed The Paramount Question. As a result WICKED MYSTIC's management, Hitman Agency, invited the band to join WICKED MYSTIC on a double headlining bill throughout Belgium and Holland. Also on the bill were Dutch bands MAC-11 and NON-DIVINE. The tour started in late March 2001, and lasted until early May, some 25 dates in total. In fact, the Metal Grand Slam 2001 tour visited familiar places such as Tilburg, Amsterdam, Leiden, Sittard, Haarlem, Gent, Brussels, Rotterdam and Leuven, as well as more obscure names such as Drachten, Winterswijk, Oss, Zeeland and Rijssen. Drummer Chris 'Hazy' De Neve wasn't able to play during the first three weeks of the Metal Grand Slam tour and was temporarily replaced by MEADOW's Ben Mussely. A support slot to PARADISE LOST in Helmond, Holland concluded the band's touring in support of Dead Loss.

During said tour the band started to realise that it was time to change their style towards a heavier sound, akin to the one of their earliest days, and they started writing new stuff in that vein. In October of 2001 the limited edition of the The Bereaved EP was finally released though Near Dark Records, some 18 months behind schedule.

In mid October 2001 AFTER ALL headed to the Hype Studio once more and recorded two songs that were no longer suited to appear on the band's upcoming fourth release : Candle Of Burning Red and Taste The Bitterness. Both of them surfaced on a split EP with DOUBLE DIAMOND on Holland's Steelhunter Records, which was released in November of 2001. Not surprisingly this limited edition release sold out quickly and was eventually re-released as a picture disc edition in late April of 2002. Meanwhile the writing and rearranging of songs took up most of the band's time. In fact, as a result of the change of style AFTER ALL had decided to throw away most of the songs that were recorded in January. Once that decision was made the band concentrated on writing new and heavier material for their fourth release, which was to mark a return to their roots at last.

A couple of shows in support of the Armageddon Come split EP took place in early 2002, both in Belgium and Holland. On March 5th 2002 AFTER ALL entered the Narafi television studios in Brussels and recorded videos for Beneath The Flesh and For Us Immortals. Both of them would later be included on the Mercury Rising CD. The very next day AFTER ALL were in a recording studio once again; not the usual Hype Studio this time around, but the Trax Studio in Gent, as the band had been offered a day's worth of free studio time. And since they were completely finished with the demo stage for the next album, the band decided to lay down their version of CYCLONE's In The Grip Of Evil at last. And they also recorded The Devil's Pathway, a collage of some loose ideas evoking the atmosphere of a cheap 1950's horror movie. There were no immediate plans to release these recordings at the time, but both songs were mastered in December of 2003. And eventually they were released on a split 7" on Germany's Metal Coven Records in the summer of 2006, together with Sweden's RAM.

Later on in March of 2002 AFTER ALL was ready to record their next CD at last. The first session took place at the familiar Hype Studio in Aalst, where all of the bass and drums parts were tracked with producer Harris Johns (of KREATOR, SEPULTURA, VOIVOD, … fame) and engineer Dee J. Then the band headed to the Spiderhouse Studio in Berlin, Germany, in order to record the vocals and guitars. These German sessions were co-produced by Harris Johns. Mixing took place at Spiderhouse Studio as well, in April 2002, courtesy of Harris Johns. The final mastering was also done by Harris, sometime in September of 2002, at Berlin's Music Lab Studio.

For the rest of 2002 AFTER ALL kept busy negotiating their record deal with Music Avenue. Mercury Rising was finally released in early March 2003, on the (then recently) resurrected Mausoleum Records, which was in fact the continuation of Rokarola. Mercury Rising would also see a Russian CD release on Maximum Records. And Sweden's TPL Records released a limited edition gatefold vinyl edition as well.

A first tour in support of Mercury Rising happened in March of 2003 already, supporting ANTHRAX on the first leg of their European tour. Seven more gigs with ANTHRAX (and special guests PRONG) followed in June 2003, as part of the second leg of ANTHRAX's tour. A couple of support slots to ANGEL WITCH (in Zottegem and Liège) were done around this period as well. During both of the tours with ANTHRAX drummer Chris De Neve had been replaced by Kevin Strubbe. Chris never really was into touring a lot at all, as he wasn't prepared to sacrifice enough of his time and efforts to do so. And, as AFTER ALL had lined-up plenty more shows and touring for the remainder of 2003, they decided to permanently enlist Kevin during the summer of 2003. Chris De Neve would eventually surface as one of the guitarists (!) in Belgian rock outfit RED ZEBRA in 2005.

Festival appearances at the likes of Bang Your Brain (with DESTRUCTION), Brugs Label, Paulusfeesten and Velorock (with AFTER FOREVER) were included on the band's live schedule as well. AFTER ALL was also scheduled to support AGENT STEEL in late October 2003, in Herzele (Belgium) and Arnhem (Holland) but these shows were cancelled when AGENT STEEL dropped off the Bonded By Metal Over Europe Tour with EXODUS. And in November of 2003 AFTER ALL toured through Europe for the third time that year, in support of OVERKILL and SEVEN WITCHES, as part of Rock Hard magazine's Tourbox 13 event. In the end it turned out that AFTER ALL had played almost 50 shows in 2003, in Belgium as well as in Holland, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland and Germany.

In April and May of 2004 AFTER ALL returned to Berlin's Spiderhouse Studio to record Mercury Rising's follow-up. Once again Harris Johns was in charge of production. Mixing, courtesy of Harris Johns as well, took place at Music Lab in Berlin, in June of 2004. The Vermin Breed, as the newly recorded CD would be known as, marked an even more obvious return to the band's thrash roots. In the meantime the band was sick and tired of Mausoleum's lack of promotion and decided not to renew their contract. A search for a suitable new label to release The Vermin Breed thus commenced and of course AFTER ALL continued to play live as well.

On June 4th 2004 AFTER ALL was part of the Dynamo Open Air Pre-Party at the Effenaar in Eindhoven, Holland, alongside AGENT STEEL and SHADOWS FALL. And in late June the band supported SEVEN WITCHES in Liège and Zoetermeer, Holland. On November 21st AFTER ALL returned to the Effenaar venue to participate in the Dynamo Metal Fest, alongside HELSTAR.

In mid January 2005 AFTER ALL acted as support to Germany's RAGE in Weert (Holland) and Brussels. A couple of clubshows in Switzerland took place as well. Later on that month the band signed a multi-album deal with a new German label, Dockyard 1, which was set up by Dirk Putzke and Christine Stephan (formerly of Sanctuary/Noise Records) together with IRON SAVIOR's Piet Sielck. Around the same time AFTER ALL agreed with another German label, Killer Metal Records, to release a limited blue vinyl edition of The Vermin Breed as well. It had exclusive artwork by Kris Verwimp and was released simultaneously with the CD, on March 25th 2005. A deal with German booking agency Dragon Productions was achieved as well.

Immediately after the release of The Vermin Breed AFTER ALL embarked on a European tour as special guests to AGENT STEEL. A tour that included stops in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. And which included appearances at the Raise Your Fist festival in Holland, as well as the Keep It True festival in Germany. Due to this tour the official launch show for The Vermin Breed didn't take place until May 28th 2005, at Studio Hall (Schuttershof) in Sint-Kruis Brugge, together with guests DISTORTED and I WITNESS. More club shows and festival appearances followed in the summer of 2005, with the likes of METAL CHURCH, HEATHEN, TANKARD (at Kleudde Backyard Metalfest in Weerde), BLAZE (at Izzefest in Izegem) and ORPHANAGE (at Sleutelrock in Leiden, Holland).

In November of 2005 AFTER ALL embarked on yet another European tour : the Hellhoundz Of Doom And Thrash tour, in support of Germans DESTRUCTION and Sweden's CANDLEMASS, and with Finlands DEATHCHAIN also on the bill. 13 shows were played in 16 days, and it marked AFTER ALL's first ever visit to Finland and Norway. Absolute highlight was a sold out show at Helsinki's Nosturi venue, on November 14th 2005. Once again AFTER ALL managed to play over 50 shows in 2005, spread all over Europe.

With half a dozen new songs having been written over the summer of 2005 already, AFTER ALL resumed working on new material after the tour with DESTRUCTION and CANDLEMASS. In February 2006 the band entered the Hype Studio (now relocated to Mechelen) with trusted engineer Dee J. to lay down 11 new tracks for This Violent Decline. The album was mixed in March by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Mastering duties were taken care of by Tue Madsen at the Antfarm Studios in Aabyhoj, Denmark.

AFTER ALL warmed up for the release of the album by playing some local festivals, then joined KING DIAMOND for the final four shows of his European tour in Glauchau, Hellendoorn, Tilburg and London. Next up were shows as support for EXODUS, ANVIL and ARMORED SAINT, and several festival appearances : Thrash Till Death (Germany), Nevelfest (Belgium), Metal Dayz (Switzerland, with JON OLIVA'S PAIN among others) and DOKKEM OPEN AIR (Holland, with PRIMAL FEAR and BLITZKRIEG).

This Violent Decline was released by Dockyard 1 in August of 2006, all over Europe, Canada and Australia. In the fall of 2006, AFTER ALL continued to play club shows and festivals, including the Halloween Smashfest (Germany) and the High Voltage Fest in Belgium (with SAXON headlining). Due to the busy live schedule of the band, the traditional album launch show in Brugge wasn't to be held until November 17th 2006, when the band played at a packed Entrepot, with OMERTA and RAFFLESIA supporting.

During all of 2007 AFTER ALL continued to play live in support of This Violent Decline, most notably as support act for STONE SOUR in Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland, and for LÄÄZ ROCKIT in Holland and Belgium. The band was also scheduled on Belgian festivals such as Frostrock, Smilodon Metal Meeting, Olens Rock Fest, Tears Of Metal, Pestpop (with JON OLIVA’S PAIN and MY DYING BRIDE, among others), Balegems Metalfest and Big Billy's Roots festival. AFTER ALL also received an invitation to play the Minneapolis Mayhem Festival in Minnesota, U.S.A. in May, but since the album was not yet released in the U.S., the date fell through.

In June 2007 AFTER ALL played the Badia Rocks Festival in Italy, with PINK CREAM 69 headlining. By that time This Violent Decline had also been released in Russia and the Baltic States, by Soyuz Music. In August Locomotive Music released the album officially in the United States.

After some more shows in Belgium (including one as support to SEPULTURA at De Mast in Torhout) AFTER ALL embarked on their most extensive European tour so far in September 2007. Alongside AGENT STEEL and VICIOUS RUMORS, the band performed 22 shows in 14 countries. The tour marked AFTER ALL’s live debut in such countries as Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Austria. And because singer Piet Focroul wasn’t available to join the band for the entire tour, Peter Evrard (ex UNCLE MEAT, ex TONER) filled in on vocals for most shows outside Belgium and Holland.

In October and November of 2007 AFTER ALL concluded their most successful year so far with some more Belgian clubshows, in such places as Liège, Gent, Antwerp and Oostrozebeke.


1992 - Dusk (7"-EP)

1995 - Wonder

1998 - State Of The Art (Demo)

1998 - Transcendent

2000 - Dead Loss

2000 - No Recollection/Inside (Split)

2001 - The Bereaved (7"-EP)

2002 - Conquer With Steel/Armageddon Come (12"-Split)

2003 - Mercury Rising

2005 - The Vermin Breed

2006 - This Violent Decline

2006 - The Devil's Pathway/Sea Of Skulls (7"-Split)

2009 - Cult Of Sin

2010 - Betrayed By The Gods (EP)

2011 - Becoming The Martyr (EP)

2012 - Dawn Of The Enforcer

2015 - Rejection Overruled (EP)



Dawn Of The Enforcer - Cover
Die Belgier AFTER ALL gehören zu den Truppen, die seit ihrer Gründung 1987 immer hinter den Linien kämpfen und jeden Fan einzeln erobern mussten.