Die AARDVARKS aus Bonn wurden im Frühjahr 1992 von den Brüdern Guido und Andreas Meyer de Voltaire gegründet.
ABADDON INCARNATE formed in 1994 with the line up as Bill Whelan (Guitar), Steve Maher (Vocals and Guitar), Rob Tierney (Bass) and Olan Parkinson (Drums).
Die Band ohne D:
"Nothing can stop them, they´re headed your way.....driven by vengeance"
Imagine the world without wars, classes and useless “work”. Imagine the total lack of greed, envy, jealousy and stupidity.
The ABGOTT History
The band was formed during the spring of 2005. The genre has been clear from the beginning. Death metal with brutal and chaotic additude.
This is probably the last sound you would expect out of the desert.
ABLAZE combine hard, melodic and progressive elements into a creative and diversified work of art.
ABOMINATOR was formed on a bloodletting day in late 1994 by Chris Volcano (drums & vokills) and Andrew Undertaker (murderous guitars).
Four years after the critically acclaimed “Generator”, Italian electro/post black metallers Aborym are back with their fifth album!
Born in 1866 BC, Abraham lived a peaceful life near Sodom, marrying his half-sister and giving birth to all decent humankind when already aged far over 100 years.
ust the name Paris evokes thoughts of romance.
ABRAXAS formed in May 2009 and was created by mastermind Makoto Mizoguchi (Pyrexia, Ex-Internal Suffering and Ex-Hate Eternal).
Abruptum, the band that is famous for not playing music in the common sense.
Wir befinden uns in Hamburg, inmitten der neunziger Jahre, etwa so um 1994/95. Gitarrist und Komponist/Texter Dülsen und Schlagzeuger Herr Wendt kennen sich schon länger vom Fußball.