Achilles Last Stand was formed in late february 2003. After having played in several bands, such as Kid In Embryo, Helvete, Arson project and more, the guys decided to form a new, fresh act.
Achren are Scotland’s exponents of Blood Metal – a brutal, honest, black thrash assault forged in the fires of Alba.
They were characterized by many as the most subversive, controversial and «heretical» Death Metal band that took the Greek scene until 2001.
Acid Drinkers were founded on 21st September 1986 by of Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki (vocals, bass) and Robert "Litza" Friedrich (guitar, vocals).
Acid Tiger are a Brooklyn based progressive rock/punk hybrid, featuring Converge/United Nations drummer Ben Koller, and guitarist Lukas Previn (United Nations, Thursday, The A.K.A.s) among their ranks
Black Death Melodic Founded in 2006 in FRANCE, Marseille   ACOD are: Fred - Vocals/Lyrics
Acres are 5 friends from the South of England that play music for the texture, tone, feel, ambience and emotion that it generates.
Across Five Aprils doesn’t settle with being comfortable.
The first chapter of Act Of Gods started in September 2001, when Phil -guitars- former bass player of the French legendary death metal bands MUTILATED and ABYSSALS decided it was time to strike back s
"You wanted the best and you got it, the hottest band in the land . . . Adam West!"1 January 2003
ADARO geistert durch die Jahrhunderte, aber erst seit 1997 sind sie der modernen Welt zugetan: im Oktober erscheint ihre erste CD "Stella Splendens".
Hailing from Bakersfield, California, Adema exploded onto the Modern Rock scene in 2001 with the release of their self-titled debut on Arista Records.
Playing, traveling and just having a good fucking time!