BiografieAcres are 5 friends from the South of England that play music for the texture, tone, feel, ambience and emotion that it generates. In their first year as a band they've been coined a number of different genres, but if one needs to be given they'd be best described as ambient post-hardcore.

Their primary focus is a mix between textural ambience, soaring melodies, and raw and powerful emotion. The music not only has to be listened to, but experienced.
Denying conventional form structures with songs that flow, build and explode into soundscapes that can only be described as epic, they take the audience on a journey of powerful lyrical themes, emotion, love, loss, and self-empowerment.

Their blistering debut EP, self-titled, was met by a huge internet reception, with the record peaking at no.2, and finishing the year at no.4 on the sputnik user rated 'best punk albums of 2012'.

The groups recently released follow-up single, The Tallest Of Mountains, has set the bar for 2013 and paved the way for Acres to take the UK and Europe by storm.Quelle: