AKASHIC was conceived in the year ´98 to produce a high quality progressive metal with meaningful lyrics.
The band was founded in autumn 1994 by Caron (vocal and guitar) and Asmothy (guitar) under the moniker Apostasy. Lomion (bass) and Lycanthroph (drums) completed the line-up.
In Richmond, Virginia, USA, On a dirt floor basement, in 1996, Bryan Cox, Erik Larson and Asechiah Bogdan founded Alabama Thunderpussy.
It´s 1995 when Lisa and Pierpaolo give life to ALCHEM after a great experience in a band called Acidaluna.
Singer/songwriter Derek Archambault is no stranger to the spotlight; he has spent the last 4 years on tour with progressive hardcore/punk band Defeater, and has had a solo project called Alcoa going f
Aldaaron came to light in the year 2004 in the obscure forests of the Alps.
With humble beginnings in Baltimore and then solidifying their lineup in Raleigh, North Carolina, the genre-blending quintet called alesana has come a long way in order to bring you their musical visi
The day is the seventh of June, 1692. The place: Port Royal, Jamaica.