BiografieIt´s 1995 when Lisa and Pierpaolo give life to ALCHEM after a great experience in a band called Acidaluna. Some sessions become part of the band (drummer, violin players) and they give more enphasis to a project that is surely a cradle of originality and reserch of new musical horizons. In 2001 they record a demo with tracks singed in English (an Italian painter, Carlo Fantauzzi, uses this with background to the DVD that presents his operas) and since that moment they start to work as duo only (recording all instruments, drums, guitars, bass, samples, keys, vocals), trying to expressing their ideas mixing both sources, respecting the two natures of those ideas trying to create the perfect alchemy between them. So they start to rehearse and writing a lot of stuff to arrive to the definitive 4 tracks that will be recorded for the "Demo 2005". In the meantime, they start to play some shows too as un-plugged situations and in the early 2006 born the collaboration with MKM Promotion Agency.Quelle: 2005
KontaktFrancesco Palumbo
AnschriftPO Box 31
84015 Nocera Superioire
Dark Rock aus Italien.


Demo 2005 - Cover
Annalisa Belli und Pierpalo Capuano - nein, das ist nicht das Nachfolge-Duo von Al Bano und Romina Power. Aber ähnlich grauenhaft.